(1) Help Celebrate Local Creative Art & Artists: 

(a) Be apart of team that recruits local artists to showcase at monthly event where artist shares their work and displays it for a month to inspire and /or sell; team also plans the spotlight event

(b) Plan workshops, classes & art-sharing opportunities with local artists and community

(2) Barista

Help build community by serving coffee and a smile! 

(3) Bookshop Assistant:  

Sort, organize, display, straighten and love our used books. Help create a place that fosters imagination, curiosity, discovery and inspiration.

(4) Develop & Promote the Mission of the Making a Difference with Books & Coffee

(a) Visioning & Ideas Team

(b) Marketing Team

(c) Fund Raising Team

(d) Administrative Assisting

(5) Volunteer Behind the Scenes:

(a) Social Media

(b) Event Set up Team

(c) Audio-Visual Team

(6) Be a Sponsor: Financially support the vision and development of a community center that fosters inspiration and difference-making for the community, by the community.

TO VOLUNTEER: office@goandinspire.com; 407.814.7233