Portraits of happy kids playing upside down outdoors in summer parkAfter School Academy — Training the mind, engaging the heart

 FOR KIDS: Grades K-5

$55/week*, Jan – June & Aug – Dec
$65/week*, Summer Camp, June – August
$55/week*, Spring & Winter Breaks
SIGN UP FOR SPRING BREAK CAMP TODAY: March 21 – 25, 8am to 6pm

Included: Transportation, Homework help, international approach to academic enrichment, character development, leadership training, fun extracurricular activities, theme-based learning, nutritious snacks in safe and supportive learning environment

Call/Text: (407) 308-2863

*You may qualify for up to 50% off

We believe inspired kids become adults who will inspire!



94717535Adult Workshops & Classes.

Insp!re offers a variety of workshops and classes to help you grow in understanding of who you are, exploring what would make your life deeper, richer and more meaningful, developing skills and knowledge for achieving  your best life now, and finding ways to make this world a better place by doing what you love. 

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  • Discover the Treasure of You (assessing personality type, strengths, gift mix, purpose)
  • Exercise Your Brain (strengthening memory and processing)
  • Creating a Killer Resume (use our in-house business center if you need a computer)
  • How to Paint with Oils (and other art-related workshops/classes)
  • Parenting Without Pulling Your Hair Out
  • Personality & Relationships
  • Finances & Budgeting 101
  • CPR
  • Creative Writing
  • Moving Dreams to Reality
  • Exploring Religions of the World
  • Downsizing Your Life So You Can Upsize Your Living
  • Meditation & De-Stressing
  • Listening for Team Building
  • Benefits of Spirituality and Faith
  • Conflict Management

Engaging opportunities to go deeper, live fully, find  purpose, give back.

96399614Conversations — Sharing ideas. Exploring topics. Building community.

Insp!re wants to restore curious, open-minds willing to learn from each other through intelligent, interpersonal conversation in community. We are a place where people gather to share and discuss, dialogue and explore topics of meaning and value. We believe it is when in respectful conversation together that we have the potential, as individuals and community, to grow and achieve what could not be done on our own.

Intentional conversations on a range of topics will be offered, whether political, philosophical, spiritual, environmental, social or educational, offering a place for opinions to be shared and difference-making actions encouraged.

Upcoming Conversations: See Events, or Like us on Facebook

Let’s Talk Tuesdays: Every Tuesday, 11:30am – 1:00pm. Open sharing of life, ideas, insights & questions. No agenda but building relationships & community through conversation.

Image of business friends discussing brainstorming and ideas at meeting inside beautiful modern building place

 Would You Like to Be a Workshop / Class / Conversation Facilitator

Do you have an inspiring workshop, class or conversation topic you would like to facilitate to inspire our community? Let’s be inspired and be an inspiration together. Maybe it’s an exercise class or art workshop, conversation focused on politics or philosophy, we are open to learning and growing with each other. The more we can journey together, the more meaningful the journey will be. Let’s gather to go deeper and enjoy life more fully together!

Contact: 407.814.7233; office@goandinspire.com