We want to encourage local art and artists, passion, beauty, and help fan the creative spark we all have inside. When we give voice to our creativity we become more alive as individuals. When we share this creative spark with others we inspire them to listen to their voices too, and help our community and the world become more meaningful and beautiful as we create, share and celebrate together.



57469196   Artist of the Month 

      We host a local artist each month, enjoying all genres, supporting, learning from and celebrating local art &         creativity.

      Are you a painter, writer, singer, dancer, photographer, actor… or other kind of artist? Would you like to be        one of our Artists of the Month? OR do you want to recommend an artist? Let us know. 

 See Events page for details. Next Event: TBD


Questions or Submissions: office@goandinspire.com; 407.814.7233





104457884-1    Original Works Wednesdays

      Come share your original poetry, essays, & short stories. 

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

      Next Event: April 20, 7 – 9pm

      Questions: Sheila Taylor, empressedlove@gmail.com