In 2004, an adventurous group of brave souls left their church affiliations and began meeting together in houses around Apopka and Altamonte Springs to worship, study the Bible, and fellowship. They wanted a safe place to grow as they journeyed together with God, seeking ever to love and serve like Jesus. After only a few months, the meetings began to expand, they decided to form a church, and Sabbath Grace Fellowship was born.

Eleven years later the vision expanded to church as a building becoming more of a center in the community, a place of inspiration no matter who you are or where you are in your faith journey, and church as a people becoming a growing group of people completely sold out to make a difference in the world in tangible ways, with God’s heart leading the way. Sabbath Grace Fellowship became then Insp!re Centre, Books & Coffee, and Church.

From its early roots to present day God has continued to lead us in becoming a people with hearts that burn for our community, to make faith more than a noun but a verb, to help bring healing and hope, love and joy wherever we go.


These words and phrases below sum up the heart of Insp!re. While by no means exhaustive, they have shaped our “personality”, remind us of our direction, and focus how we go and who we are along the way.

“When God says ‘Go!’, we go”. Joy. Laughter. “You are not alone”. New ideas. Strong hugs. Freedom. Oasis Café. Disciples iN Action. Sent. Going Deeper. Going out. Possibilities. Explore. Meeting real needs. Diversity. Restoration. Moving with the move of God. Open. Real. Smiles. Board games. “Big rocks go in first.” Making time. Dream. Act. Live. Abundantly. Love. Serve. Bless. Always. Dance. God’s nudges. Wherever. Whenever. However. Generosity. Seek first the kingdom of God.  Neighbors. Saying Yes!. Sabbath rest. Celebration. Adventure. Give more than take. Contribute more than consume. Participate more than spectate. Staying connected. Prayer. “He has a plan!” Authentic Worship. Community. Fun. Friendship. TK Moments. Meaningful. Open hands and hearts. Radical giving. Together. Discovering the treasure of you. Passion and purpose. Committed. Equipping. Difference making. Jesus. Right here right now. Love. Love. Love.


God (“Father”, “Son”-Jesus, “Holy Spirit”)

Bible as Word of God (inspired by God, written by human hand)

Salvation by Grace alone (gift that gives forgiveness, freedom, life)

Sabbath as rest (in God, from work, to connect & remember why we’re here–a key to living abundant life)

We are called as followers of Jesus to function as his “body”, working together – having one purpose, one mission—to go deeper in relationship with God and out into the world to love, serve and bless—that is our purpose & mission—to be fully devoted to following the heart and ways of Jesus, having his Spirit transform ours so we can love, serve & bless more fully the world around us.


Those in the missional movement recognize both God and the gathered church as intrinsically and principally “missionary” in nature, meaning “sent” out, rather than “inward” focused.

Scripture is active with sending language that speaks to the “missional” nature of God. God the Father sends the Son, and the Son sends the church.

“As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21).

Whether as a larger community or as individuals, we desire to learn how to live out the gospel (good news) in our neighborhoods, places of work, school and everyday life. If “good news” can’t be experienced, then how will anyone know it’s “good”? As a gathered body of Christ we are committed to raising up, equipping and sending each generation out to love, serve and bless those around them, giving tastes of the amazing “good news” kind-of- life from and with Jesus, in real, tangible, difference making ways.

First and foremost, Insp!re is a church “on mission” with

and sent by God

While not the only entity that makes a difference in the world, we believe the gathered church is a vital part of the missional conversation. However, the church must not be seen simply as an entity that sends missionaries to foreign lands. While we believe in and support this, we recognize that the gathered church is also “sent” to its own backyard. Our neighbors and friends, cities and towns need hope, a genuine friend in the journey, caring people willing to open their resources of time, money and talents, to walk together  in the good & the bad of life.

Those with a missional perspective no longer see the gathered church service as the primary connecting point for people. While there is nothing wrong with attracting people to participate in various meetings that will uplift, support and encourage them, the missional church is more concerned about sending the people from the church building out among people in the world, rather than getting the people in the world to come to a building. Some have described this missional-attractional distinction as a challenge to not “come & see” but rather “go and be”

Missional churches see their primary function as one of actively moving into a community to embody the “good news”—the words, actions, and life of Jesus– into every nook and cranny.

To paraphrase John 1:14…

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.”

Many times we wrongly assume that the primary activity of God is in the gathered church body, rather than recognizing that God’s primary activity is in the world, and the church is God’s instrument sent into the world to participate in His redemptive mission.

This key distinction clarifies the difference between a church with a missions program and a missional church. A church with a missions program usually sees missions as one activity alongside many other equally important programs of the church. A missional church, on the other hand, focuses all of its activities around its participation in God’s agenda to love, serve and bless the world. We believe God’s mission must form and inform everything we do. All activities of the church must be catalyzed by and organized around that mission of love to others.