Denise Badger

Executive Director & Lead Pastor

Denise’s passion is to inspire, equip and empower people to connect with God and go when he says “Go!”, deeper with him and out to love, serve and bless in word and action. She believes we are here to use our gifts, strengths and dreams to make the world a more beautiful place and that God has a purpose and plan for each of us. When we come together, as individuals and as a community, we are able to more fully experience an abundant, hope and joy-soaked, difference-making life in and with Jesus Christ, and help others explore and experience the same.

Denise graduated from La Sierra University in Riverside, California in 1997, obtaining her MA in Religious Studies, with a specialization of ministry to youth and young adults. She served in administrative leadership for over eight years focusing on vision, strategy and training in churches and schools throughout Florida, building ministry leaders and teams, and developing workshops, events and conferences that helped young adults explore God and serve in their communities. In 2000 she served as Associate Pastor with a local congregation of over 2500, equipping people and building teams that partnered in the community to help those in need on the margins of society, to help restore their dignity and give them hope. In 2004 she helped plant and build Sabbath Grace Fellowship, working as a volunteer minister, until called out in 2009 to serve and minister specifically outside the church walls. From 2009-present she developed her own business, Eclairity, helping people find their spark and love life more, and became a published writer, spiritual & life coach and speaker with that same focus. In 2013 she founded the College Park Neighborhood Arts & Theatre Center in the neighborhood where she lives, for the purpose of connecting and building a stronger, more creative community through the celebration of the arts, and continues to serve on the Board in its development, building, programming and services.

Denise has been married to Charles Badger, a Forensic Scientist with FDLE and avid cyclist, for over 25 years. They have a daughter, Cosette, a tenth grader at Edgewater High.


Nelson Bacchus:  Minister of Music, Outside Greeters, Social Events, Treasurer
Christina Connell: Food Ministries & Inside Greeters
Reggie Connell: Bible Study Groups, Chair / VP, Development, Marketing, Missional Focus
Mark Goldstein: Counseling, Missional Focus
Iris Olmedo: Facilities & Properties Maintenance & Management
Shari Magee: Corporate Secretary, Partnership Orientation & Assimilation


Ernie Alner:  Coffee Shop
Eddie Bacchus: A/V
Nelson Bacchus: Outside Greeters; Worship Team
Estrella Acosta: Children’s Ministries
Christina Connell: Food Ministry; Inside Greeters
Reggie Connell: Bookstore, Marketing/Communications; Adult Study
Gloria Davis: Decorations
Bill Draper: Computer Technology
Mark Goldstein: Counseling Team
Tammy Lindsey: Homeless Ministries
Shari Magee & Iris Olmedo: Clean Up Teams
George Wiebe: Prayer Team